5 brilliant & bizarre solar inventions

I for one love the wonderful world of solar inventions. Here are some of the most brilliant and bizarre solar gadgets I have come across lately:


1. Solar grill

Solar grill


Have yourself a delicious BBQ without charcoal, or wood. This solar grill produces NO harmful smoke or emissions.


2. Solar powered dog house

Solar powered dog house


Keep your pooch cool in summer in this solar powered dog house complete with solar powered exhaust fans for proper ventilation.


3. Solar water distiller

Solar water distiller


In some areas clean drinking water is scarce. This solar terracotta water distiller produces up to 5 liters of clean water per day.


4. Solar powered wheelchair

Solar powered wheelchair


This solar powered wheelchair can go 10km to 12km on a charge.


5. Solar Fashion

Solar fashion


Fashion Designer Pauline van Dongen is the creator of this solar shirt. The shirt produces up to 1W of electricity, enough to charge a smartphone within a few hours.

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