5 more brilliant solar inventions

By popular demand, I present to you *drumroll* 5 more gadgets straight out of the wonderful world of solar inventions:


1. Solar plug socket

Solar Erfindung Solar Steckdose

Stick it on a window and plug in your electronic device. All you need is a window and some sun.


2. Solar camera strap

Solar Erfindung Solar Kameragurt


Keep your camera charged with this solar power camera strap.


3. Solar powered movie theater

Solar Erfindung Solar Kino

Sol Cinema – the smallest movie theater in the Solar system.
The unique mobile cinema is powered entirely by solar energy and accommodates up to 8 adults.


4. Solar road signs

Solar Erfindung Solar Ampel

Your e-book reader and Australian road signs have more in common than you might think!
This road sign is running on sunlight, of which Australia has plenty. Traffic information is displayed in real time using electronic ink.


5. Solar powered bike paths

Solar Erfindung Solar Radweg

Solar powered bike paths have made headlines in recent months. The Netherlands have declared the first test tracks a success and are now expanding their solar bike path network.



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