Reasons to love renewables – #1 jobs

In case you haven’t read the IRENA annual review on renewable energy and jobs 2016 perhaps you should. To me, it was a real motivational boost!

Did you know that in 2015

8.1 million people worked in the renewable energy sector

and that this impressive number does not yet include an additional 1.3 million people employed in large hydropower?

So all up that amounts to 9.4 million people who were professionally working towards 24 hours of sun.

Imagine this: the combined population of New Zealand and Ireland working in renewables. Yep.


Renewable energy creates jobs
Renewable energy creates jobs


The energy revolution is happening right now. In 2015 while the overall growth in jobs slowed down compared to previous years, the total number of jobs in renewables worldwide continued to rise. And it keeps rising.

Renewables make sense on so many levels. Amongst them: employment.


IRENA infographic on renewable energy jobs
Source: IRENA


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