Most severe nuclear accidents of the past 50 years

I have done some research and compiled information on the most severe nuclear accidents that occurred in the past 50 years. A task that made my feathers stand on end…

Measuring nuclear disasters

The so-called INES scale is a global tool for communicating the safety significance of nuclear and radiological events. Much like earthquakes are measured on the Richter scale:

INES scale level 1-3: nuclear incidents
INES scale level 4-7: nuclear accidents

INES scale
INES scale, source:

The most severe nuclear accidents of the past 50 years

2011: Japan, Fukushima – INES Level 7
2006: Belgium, Fleurus – INES Level 4
2005: USA, Braidwood – INES Level unbekannt
1999: Japan, Tokaimura – INES Level 4
1993: Russia, Tomsk – INES Level 4
1987: Brazil, Goiânia – INES Level 5
1986: Ukraine, Tschernobyl – INES Level 7
1982: Ukraine, Tschernobyl – INES Level 5
1979: USA, Three Mile Island – INES Level 5
1969: Switzerland, Luzern – INES Level 5

I really can’t understand why humans still operate nuclear reactors. I, for one, will keep up my 24 hours of sun mission!

Stay tuned!

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