Louis Palmer – around the world on solar power

Today I was part of the WAVE Trophy – the world’s largest e-mobility rally! Give it up for e-mobility!!

The WAVE is currently touring through Austria and made a pit stop at the Fronius production facility in Sattledt today. I took the chance to have a chat with WAVE tour director Louis Palmer.

Louis is the first person to go around the world on solar power.
Sounds exciting? It sure is! 


Wave 2018 Fronius
The participants of the 2018 WAVE Trophy


Louis, in 2007 you set off in the solar taxi to circle the globe on solar power.
How did you come up with this crazy idea?

I actually had this idea 20 years before I set off, when I was 14 years old. It has been a childhood dream that I wanted to realize: driving around the earth with a car and enjoying the beauty of this world without destroying it.

What were the most defining moments for you?

The many positive reactions and the interest of the press. It showed that I am not the only one interested in a more sustainable way of life, but the whole world is really.

What has changed in the world, in our energy supply, since then?

I am happy that e-mobility is on everyone’s lips today, and solar panels are now installed on many rooftops in Europe, North America and China. Unfortunately, we are still miles away from the point where the whole world gets on board and takes up a sustainable course in order to significantly reduce overall CO2 consumption.


Louis Palmer begrüßt die WAVE Teilnehmer bei Fronius
Louis welcomes the WAVErs at Fronius


Now you are organizing the WAVE Trophy. What is the WAVE and what is the goal?

We want to raise awareness for “electromobility” and show that this type of mobility is fully suitable for everyday use and it’s fun. Everyone should become part of this movement – for our future.

What’s your message to my readers?

Everyone has the choice everyday: Do I want to be part of a problem or part of the solution?
My motto in my life is very simple: never give up, be creative and take the first step!

Louis & Oscar

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