Iran gears up to boost renewables

300 days of sunshine per year, for an average of 12 hours a day – Iran is basically made for solar energy…

And that’s also why I’m here today, as a new photovoltaic system has been inaugurated in Rafsanjan in Kerman Province. I’ve seen the whole thing from the air, and I must say it looks really impressive!


1,2 MW system in Rafsanjan , Iran
1,2 MW system in Rafsanjan , Iran


The solar power plant has a peak power of 1.2 megawatt and is expected to generate around two million kilowatt hours of electricity per year. And even better: the system in Rafsanjan is just one of several throughout the country!

Iranian government invests in the sun

The great thing about it is that the smaller the system, the higher the price paid for each kilowatt hour. An excellent idea, and also a real opportunity for home owners.

Let me give you an example: In the city of Ravar I met a home owner who had fitted a 5.5 kilowatt solar system to his roof. Thanks to the high feed-in tariff, this investment has already paid for itself after just four years! He is therefore not only doing his part for the planet, but also earning hard cash with the electricity he generates. A real win-win situation for him and the environment!

What is more, EU sanctions have recently been lifted in Iran, and foreign companies can now also do business there. This is a great advantage, particularly for sytem owners. They can freely choose the technology and the manufacturer which best meet their requirements. I think Iran is a fantastic role model for energy change!

Stay tuned!

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