E-mobility: gentle giants of the road

How electric buses change our transport system

Better hold your breath! Or not?
Have you ever found yourself next to a city bus when walking down the street or riding a bike?  The exhaust not only smells awful, it’s bad for your health. The stench comes from nitrogen oxides created by combustion of diesel fuel in the engine. These substances irritate your airways, and over time they can make you – and the environment – sick. E-mobility to the rescue!

Poland: e-mobility pioneer

But buses don’t have to stink. Poland is a great example: Polish bus manufacturer Solaris is specialising in the development of electric drives. E-buses don’t emit noxious fumes, are just as effective in local public transport and even offer more passenger space because they don’t have fuel tanks. The buses are already in operation throughout Poland, where they’re taking passengers comfortably and quietly from A to B without harming the environment. This has won them acclaim: The Solaris Urbino 12 electric was named Bus of the Year 2017 by the Association of Commercial Vehicle Editors (ACE).

E-mobility in Poland. An electric bus in Warsaw.

Other countries are picking up the trend. Buses with electric drives are operating in public transport systems in the UK, Italy and Sweden, for example. And as a contribution to sustainability, the Swedish transport company Nobina is even charging its e-buses with electricity from renewable energy sources. A great idea, wouldn’t you say?

India to follow Polish lead

In India, the city of Gurgaon is also switching to this innovative means of transport. After a delegation’s trip to Poland, the local government is planning to set up an environmentally friendly transportation system starting with a fleet of up to 100 e-buses. Over the course of ten years, each of them could reduce CO2 emissions by 1,150 tonnes.

Countries like Belgium and Germany are also following suit and can expect to benefit from the changeover. Public transport companies will cut costs, and cyclists, pedestrians and residents will get relief from harmful pollutants. Finally, you’ll be able to breathe deeply when a bus goes by!

Stay tuned!

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